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Alrighty. This is now the official listing of all mariel photos. If an entry's gottem, it's listed here, along with a short description of the picture content. They're listed newest to oldest. Have fun!

July 27th 2002
mar shows off her new strawberry blondish redish hair. also pictures rollerblades, and her new bracelet.

May 23rd 2002
this is mariel as a spaz. heh. this picture makes me crack up.

May 15th 2002
this is little l's department of pictures.

April 22nd 2002
mar shows off her nhand made jewlery.

April 15th 2002
the audrey hat, jeorge, cats, and more

Januaray 21st 2002
mar shows off her room.

Novemver 26th 2001
mar's favorite cartons of ben n jerry's.

May 3rd 2001
mar shows off her pigtails.
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