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10:33 p.m.

...five years.

Hello, old friend.

I logged in to Diaryland to check on old friends, and ended up reading some older entries of mine. The last entry I'd written, making Scully catnip socks, it's sad now. About two years ago I had to euthanize Squeaks. She was sick, and money couldn't make her better. I was lucky, in her last moments I remembered my phone, and took a video of her that I'll have with me forever. Scully being Scully, purring her strong, purr, looking so regal and beautiful, before finally finding the relief she so deserved.

Tonight, Olivia is my companion, curled up next to me, and at ate 14, starting to suffer from feline dementia. I don't know what her future entails, but we'll manage.

I've added to members to my family. Ollie and Mayze. Two pups, Ollie is 4 now, Mayze is 2. They're my snuggle-buddies, my babies.

Professionally the last five years were hard, and nothing like I'd imagined. But, now I'm in a position I'd never dreamed of. I get to travel, I get to cook and I get to bake. I have two mentors who are extremely pleased with me.

Life isn't awful.
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